Even before the makeover, the Walsh Makerspace was already a pretty amazing place.

Located in the 7,200-acre Walsh neighborhood outside Fort Worth, Texas, Walsh Makerspace offers residents of all ages a hands-on, high-tech community space to explore hobbies, crafts and new interests. It’s stocked with things like a 3D printer, robotics lab, laser cutter, woodworking tools, T-Shirt press, sewing machines and kid-friendly features like invention kits and a giant LEGO wall. Plus, there are classes and programs designed to foster learning, entrepreneurship and new businesses. Membership is free to all the residents and available to anyone who else who wants to use it for a small fee. But while there was plenty of room for creativity, something was still missing. That’s when professional organizer Debbie Horton of The Organized Nest, got her hands on it. Read the full blog by the Container Store by visiting Walshtx.com.

For more information about Makerspace, click here.

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