Our Co-CEO Tony Ruggeri sat down with KLRD recently for their CEO Spotlight segment. Host David Johnson discussed a variety of topics with Ruggeri including Dallas-Ft. Worth housing market trends, working with home builders, and the future of the company’s master planned communities.

When Johnson asked about the decision to move the Republic Property Group home office from its North Park location to the downtown area, Ruggeri said they wanted to extend the same lifestyle to their employees that they build for their residents.

“We really wanted to offer what we offer our residents,” said Ruggeri. “Moving downtown was an opportunity for us to get into a location where you can step out the door, have plenty of places to eat or grab drinks after work.”

The pair also went on to discuss the influx of out-of-state homebuyers, the company’s spectrum of entry-point pricing and the trend to focus more on home affordability for current Texas residents.

“We led the nation in employment growth,” said Ruggeri. “But if you live here and have already been working here, it’s becoming less and less affordable to get a new home here. And that’s why the entire market is starting to focus on affordability in its home offerings.”

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